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Cambridge Face2Face first and second Edition Download for free Full set All levels: Starter, Elementary, формат (format): PDF, Mp3, CD-Exe, DVD Face2Face Upper-Intermediate Student's book ISBN: ; Face2Face. CAMBRIDGE Face2Face Upper Intermediate Students Book. Uploaded by. Tatyana Zykova. AMBRIDGambridge UNIVERSITY P RESS New York, Melbourne. "1", " " -"" Vocabulary adjectives for giving opinions RealWorld discussion language(2): Cambridge face2 face - upper intermediate students.

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Face2face Upper Intermediate Pdf

Download face2face Upper Intermediate Student's Book with CD. 3 Pages · English File third edition Upper-intermediate Student's Book answer key 1A. -Intermediate -Upper-Intermediate -Advanced MB. face2face Advanced Student's prosalgreavsunfma.cf MB. prosalgreavsunfma.cf 10 MB. Face2face Upper Intermediate Workbook - Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. a great book with challenging exercises to improve your.

Second edition. Upper p5. A Guide to the Student's Book p6. Teacher's DVD Instructions p Question Bank Teacher's Book Contents. Welcome to face2face! The face2face Approach. The Student's Book. Activities and.. PDF Document Bellow will present you all related to face2face upper intermediate 2nd edition teacher! This PDF book provide upper intermediate progress test cambridge guide. This PDF book include face2face intermediate 2nd edition teacher information. To download free face2face 2 upper intermediate teachers book with dvd you Straightforward 2nd edition, Upper- Hueber Straightforward 2nd Edition, Upper- Hueber Straightforward 2nd edition, Upper- Wordlist. Frequency of usepart of Speech Phonetic Spelling.

We cansayprovidedor providingand supposeor supposing. If not, choose fue correct Que. Then take turns to ask each other fue questions. Answer for yourself. Checkin 1m pl Which storiesarethesesentencesfrom? A criminal commits a crime. Discussfuese questions. Do you think they should? Listeningand Grammar CJ a Work in pairs. What is happening in eachpicture? What do you think happenednext? LookagainatpicturesA -,- andB. StudentA, retenstoryA. StudentB, retenstoryB.

Wereyour versionsof the storycorrect? Then choosethe correctwords in the roleo , Did the womanshootthe men? Which verb form is in fue if clause?

Which verb form is in the main clause? Answer fuesequestions. Noticefuecontractions I'd,you'd,etc. Youwill heareach sentencetwice. In two men tried to rob a gas station in Poulsbo, Washington. They told the salesgirl to put all the money from the cash register into a bag, but they didn't realise that there were only eight dollars in it. They drove away with the money, but soon got lost because they weren't from that town and they didn't have a map.

They finally drove into a gas station to get directions. Unfortunately for them they'd driven back into the same gas station. Write four sentencesabolir things that would, could or might havehappened if things had happeneddifferently. Ifthe salesgirl hadn't opened the cash register, the robbers might have hurt her. Compare sentences. Are your partner'ssentencescorrect? Copythecontractionsandweak fonns. Fill in the gapswith the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

What happenedto Jim last night? How did he getborne? Ask fonow-up questions if possible. Protect your identity; Listening: A Lawyer-client meeting HeLp with listening weak forms Review third conditional " Readthe advert again. Find answersto fuesequestions. Spencerhelp preventidentity theft from happening? D a Work in pairs. What do you know about identity theft?

Oneidentity theft occurseverysixrninutes. Thecriminal doesn'tnecessarilytakemoney from yourbank accountandno onesteals your wallet orburglesyourhouse. Thiscanaddupto thousands of pounds,which you haven'tgot. Wedownloadthings onfue Internet or overfue phoneand happilygive OUTcredit carddetails. Andwe rely onfue banksand creditcardcompaniesto safeguardOUT accountsfrom fraud. Butjust how easyis it to stealsomeone'sidentity? Easierthanyou mightthink! Thetraditionalwayis to steal or makea copyofsomeone'screditcard, driving licence,etc.

However,fuesedays hundredsof databasesexistonline with detailedinformationaboutyourpersonallife. Variouscompaniescanprovideotherpeople with your address,professionalhistory. There'seven softwarethat will givepeopleaccessto your personaldetailswithin minutes. YoucouId insist on: Youcontactfue bankand creditcardcompaniesdaiIy,andendup SlbUtillg ateveryonefor notsorting it out.

Meanwhileyouhaveto copewith morebilIs andmorethreatellingIettersfrom company lawyers. Which havean objectbefore the preposition?

C Look at the verbs in blue in the article. Fill in the gapswith the correctprepositions. If so, what for? Answer these questions. If so, what did you 00? Who did you Take turns to ask and answer the questions in 5a. How do you saythe strong and weak fonns of thesewords?

The strong form of eachword is said first. Look at the first part of Bonnie'sconversation with the lawyer. Which words do we hearas weak forms? Come inQtake seat. Firstly I'd like to sayhow sorry 1 am that this has happened. Checkyour answers.

Notice how the weak forms and sentencestressgive English its natural rhythm. Work in groups of four. Real World making. Discuss thesequestions. What wasthe problem? Did the personacceptyour help? D a 1m Listen to Bonnie talking to her sister,Helen. Put thesetopics in the order they are first talked about. Make notes on the topics in 2a. Which topics did you both make notes on? Would it 3 if I sorted it out for you?

Why 4 I look after the kids?

No, thanks. I'd 8 phone them myself. No, don't worry. It'd be 9 if 1brought the kids back here. No, that's OK. That'd 12 a great help. WeU, it'd be wonderful if you 13As long asyou 14 mind. Which verb forms follow thesephrases: Let me Wouldyou likemeto comeround? Writethe criminalsandtheverbsforthe crimesin 1a if possible Write conversationsusing theseprompts. Wouldyou likeme to helpyou movetomorrow? N No, of coursenoto B Thanks. N Not atall. CJ Correct the mistakes in these third conditionals.

Ask and answer the questions in 5a. CI a Write secondconditionals using theseprompts. Then ask eachother the questions. Answer for you.

Listen againand notice the sentencestressand weak forros. Practise the conversations in R3. Then clase your book and have the conversationsagain. Try to use natural sentencestressand weak forms. D Icantalkaboutcrimeandpunishment.

D I cantalkindetailaboutimaginary situationsinthepresentandfuture. D I cantalkindetailaboutimaginary situationsinthepast. D I canunderstanda textaboutproblems in everydaylife. Student A 4 p1O6. Student B 4 p1O9. Follow the instructions. Vocabulary phrasal verbs 1 Grammar narrative verb forms; Past Perfect Continuous Review making, refusing and accepting offers Vocabulary Phrasalverbs 1 " a Work in pairs. Guessthe meanin How longdid it takethis personto come round?

Take turns to ask eachother the questions in 1a. Ask follow-up questionsifpossible. Reading,Listeningand Grammar re Readfuebeginningofanarticleabouturbanlegends.

Face2face Upper Intermediate Workbook

LookatpicturesA-C of famousurbanlegends. Guesswhat happenedin eachstory. How many accidents did Robert Monaghan have in one dar? Sometimesmore iban one verb form is possible. We usethe for completedactionsin thepastoThese f tell the main eventsof the storyin the orderthat theyhappened. We usethe for a longeractionthatwasin progresswhen another shoner actionhappened. How do we make these verb forms negative? Follow theinstructiollS. Do you think these stories are true? Look at p Check your ideas.

Vocabulary books and reading Grammar defining. Haveyou gota copy of it atborne? Find answersto thesequestions. How many more relative clausescanyou find? Are they defining or non-defining relative clauses? Haveyou readTheAlchemist? If so,whatdid youthink ofit? Fin in thegapswith who,which,etc.

Onegapdoesn'tneed aword. Thenchangetwo offue defining relativeclausesin the first paragraph into reducedrelativeclauses.

Usecommaswhere necessary. Sometimesthereis more ibanonepossibleanswer. The man owned a bookshop. YesterdayI met aman who owned a bookshop. I wrote my first novel in this room. He writes biographies now. Her first novel became a best-seller. S I threw out some paperbacks.

I hadn't looked at them for years.

It had been signed by the author. She was sitting outside the library. They were Vocabulary connecting words: April Fool! Look at pictures A-D. What do you think was fue April Fool's Dayjoke for eachpicture? Another famous April Fool's Day joke, this time from ,comes from Sweden.

It was announced on the news that it had become possible to watch colour programmes on black and white TVs because ofsome new technology the TV station had invented. People were told to pull a nylon stocking over the screen so they would be able to watch the programmes in colour.

Since almost everyone in Swedenhad a black and white TV in those days,hundreds of thousands of peopletried to do this, even though the news was broadcast on the morning of Aprill sto You might think that people were more easily fooled back in those days. Nevertheless, you should be careful next Aprill st-this time the April Fool might be you!

However, it's not just friends and family you have to beware of -big companies, newspapers and TV stations alBo do their best to fool the publico In Burger King published an ad in USA Today announcing a new item for their menu -the left-handed Whopper. This was the same as a normal Whopper, apart froro one thing -the burger itself was rotated so that the ketchup would drip out of the right side of the burger instead of coming out of the left.

The ad fooled thousands of people, despite being published on April Fool's Day. And in , the British supermarket chain, Tesco, advertised a 'whistling carrot'.

The ad explained that the carrot had been genetically engineered to grow with air holes down the side so that it would start whistling when it was fully cooked. These two adverts are relatively recent, whereas Britain's most famous April Fool hoax is much older. If so, when is it? Write them in the table. Makenotes on thesethings. Correct the falseones. Whenwe rhear we know that the speaker is going to Change other words in the sentences if necessary.

My wife thinks it's boring. He didn't par for the taxi. The flight was too expensive. However 4 Ann went out for a ron. It was raining. He didn't have to work the next dar. The weather was hado due to 8 Most people don't understand. It was very long.

Face2face Upper Intermediate PDF

S I'm starving. Think of a present or past situation in your life for each sentence. Taketums to tell eachother about your situations.

I got stuck in a traffic jam last night. It took forever to get home. I'm not surprised, to be 61 7 you were. Well,8 you've got avirus. Well, he would say that, 9 he? You 2 bejoking! You're 3! Why on 4 doesn't he lis ten to me? Then answer questions1 and 2 and choosefue correctword in the roleo a Hadn't theypromisedtobeheretoday?

Tick the things she talks about. Ellen's computer. Ellen's brother. Who has the most information? Language Summary 4, po 1m 11 Listenandpractise "' thesentencesin3a. Copythe surprisedintonationinthefirst fivesentences. I don't beLieveit! A LaW Fill in fue gapswith fue correct. Hassan,4wholthatis Ali's son, is Amir's bestfriendo Onedar,5whenlwherethe two boysaretrying to win a kite race, Hassanis attackedby an older hoy and two of bis friends.

Amir, 6wholthatseesthe attack,birles 7wherelwhichthe olderboyscan't! ManyyearslaterAmir, swhoselwhichguilt hasalways hauntedhim, risksbis life to save Hassan'ssonfrom the sameperson D a Readfue story;Find eight 9wholthathad attackedHassanall more incorrect verb forms and thoseyearsbefore. While l waswatching TV l was hearingan explosionnearby. As soonasl wasgetting outside, l hadbeenseeinga lot of smoke coming from a neighbour'sgarden.

Apparently,he'dbeenburning somerubbishandhe hasn't realisedthat therewasan aerosol canin oneof thebags. Of course, when it washitting the Eire,it exploded. Take turns to saya sentencefrom fue corrected story. Do you think your partner's sentencesare correct? It was five minutes before he 5 What time does your pIane? Then fill in thegapsin the TestofSteve andEllen'sconversation.

I've been promoted! E Wow, that's fantastic 2! E 1 4 imagine. S Thanks. E You're 6! S Yes, they were. But I'm not 8they didn't, to be 9.

He was really angry when he found out, though. S And we're going to Florida this weekend to celebrate. E You 11 be joking! That'll cost a 12! S Whereas my best friend Listenagainandnoticethe sentencestress. Practise the conversationin R4. Taketurnsto beSteveandEllen.

Tryto usenaturalrhythmand sentencestress.


Make notesonwhathappened. Taketurnsto tell eachotheraboutyourdar. Uselanguagefrom1a and3. D Icante"a storyandgiveextradetail wherenecessary. D I canunderstandsummariesdescribing thecharactersandplotsofnovels. D I cantalkaboutbooksI'veread.

D I canuseconnectingwordstojoin sentencesandclauses. U I canunderstanda spokennarrative. Then dotheexerciseinE8P Do we use the adjective or..

C Look at the phrasesin blue in the article. CJ' mi. If so,what? What does it say about these numbers? Did any ofthe numbers surprise ron?

S The more children you have, Do you agreewith your partner's sentences? Choosethe correctwords. C a Work in pairs. Choosetwo places, two people or two things that you both know well cities, actors, actresses,bands, restaurants,etc. Write five sentencescomparing the places, people or thingsyouandyour parttler chosein Sa. Tokyo isn't any more expensive than London. I think ReeseWitherspoon is a far better actress than Cameron Diaz.

Take turns to sayyoursentences. If you don'tagreewith yourpartner, explainwhynoto b Tentheclasstwo thingsyou disagreedabout. Vocabulary Plantsandgardens " a Tickthewordsyouknow. Thendothe exercisein lB p Write all the words connectedto plants and gardens tbat you can remember in one minute. Who has the most words? Take turns to explain the meaningsof the words on your lists. What kind of place do you think it is?

Face2face Upper Intermediate Workbook

What do you think you caRsee and do there? C Read about the Eden Project again. O; 1m Listen again. Fill in the gaps in these sentences with two words.

Emma's daughter 4 Oh, l'm SUTe he'll have a. Emma's husband's job 5 No, don't worry, 1'11 take a ,. Copy the stress. We'LLbe driving thro. EMMA1 spoke to Diane. And there'sa programme about it on BBC2 on Saturday at 7. EMMAOh res, 1 forgot. PAUl Fine. It's brand new toa.

PAUl Well, it's worth asking. PAUl Good idea. Anyway, where's the babysitter? Explain why you have chosen each verb formo c 1m Listen and check. Taketumsto telleachotheryour sentences. Make notes on what life will be like in the year Use these ideas or your own. Match them to these meanings. Discuss your ideas from 9. Give reasons for your opinions.

Which ideas do you all. In ,I think a lot more peoplewill be living in cities. The history of perfume; Reading: The history of flowers HeLp with listening homophones Review plants and gardens; animaLs D a Checkthesewordswith your teacheror in adictionary.

Look at the photos.

What do you know about thesepeople? Choosefue correcthomophones. Choose fue correctwords in eachsentence. How manymore homophonescan you think oi? Checkyour answersto 2c. Listen again. StudentA, make notes on topics Student B,make notes on topics Work in groups. If so, which one? If so, how did you choose which one to download? Are any of them advertised by celebrities?

Theybecame I the symbolof the OttomanEmpireand canbefoundin manyworksof art from 4that periodo , Tulipswere firstcultivated in WesternEuropein the 16th century by a Dutch botanistcalled CarolusClusius. Hehad been living in Germanyfor some years, but in he returned to Holland and became head of a botanical garden5there.

However,he chargedso muchfor the bulbs that thieves broke in and stole 6them. More and more peoplewantedto download tulipsandin 'Tulipmania'began. However,the more people 9did 50, the lessvaluablethe flowers became. In Tulipmaniaendedand mosttraderslosteverything. Hollandnow producesthree billion tulip bulbs each year in hundredsof different colours, but they still can't grow a truly black tulip.

To produce a black lOone is the dream of tulip growerseverywhere. Student A, read about tulips. Student B, read aboutroses. C Work with your partner. Take turns to askand answer the questions in 5b.

Which factsare the most surprising? When we speak or write, we often use words like them, where,one,etc. What are they referring lo, a or b? Then checkin mi pl ROSES Accordingto fossil records,rases are over 35 million years old and llthey were first cultivatedin Chinaabout 5, yearsago.

A Chineseemperorin the 6thcentury BCapparentlyhad over books on rasesin 12hislibrary,and Gil was extractedfrom 13thosegrown in his gardens. However,only the highest membersof society were allowed to use 14it. If anyoneelse wasfound with evena smallamount,they were sentencedto death. Roseswerealso popularwith the Romans, 15Whousedtheir petals as medicine,a source of perfume and as confetti at weddings.

Cultivated rases were only introduced to WesternEuropein the 18thcentury. Napoleon's wife, josephine, started a botanical garden near Paris, 16where she collected all the known varieties of rase and encouragedthe breedingof newones. Thisled to the flowers becoming increasinglypopular, and in Britain 17atthat time rases became so valuable that 18theywere often used as currencyin localmarkets.

AII rasesin Europeusedto be pink or white until the first red nesarrivedfrom China yearsago. Youare going to designa new perfume or aftershave. Taketums to tell eachother about your productoWhich do you think is the best? What are the opposites of the adjectives in B? Check in mi p Think of one thing you candescribe with eachadjective. Do you agreewith your partner's ideas? I think clima te change is inevitable. I just don't think it's right that One argument in favour of being vegetarian is that I think peopleshould havethe right to Um, let me think.

No, that's not what I meant. Alll'm saying is that Which of your ideas from 2c do they talk about? C Listen again. Check your answers to 3b. C Work in groups. Make a list of different ways people could reduce their ecologicalfootprints. Sign Up.

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